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Martijn van der Goes


My name is Martijn, I was born in 1990 in the Netherlands. Though I was raised religious, catholic, I never came to believe it. One instance I remember of church, is a conversation I had with my mother. I asked her; ‘mom, why can’t I see ghosts?’ And my mother responded; ‘because they don’t exist, honey.’ To which I responded; ‘but god is invisible, so isn’t he a ghost?’. All the while being fanatically shushed by the other attendees. Not knowing at the time that my reasoning was fallacious, this was the proof for me that God did not exist.

When I was 12, My country had elections. I saw my father (who is a social servant at the ministry for social affairs) fanatically observing the scores as they decided who would be his next boss, at least for a big part. It is at this age that I realized the gravity of politics and political affairs. It grabbed my attention and -despite identifying as an atheist for 6 years- has never let go.

Lately, the uses of philosophy and history have come to my attention and I have found in this yet another fascinating subject of study.

All of these things, including the little science I know, I want to share with you, the readers. Be adviced, though, that my skills are obtained fairly autodidactively. Though I check my sources and try dilligently to keep my info updated, a mistake might slip through.

Sincerely yours,

Martijn van der Goes

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