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Communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. That relationship could be intimate, interactions with a colleague, a friendship, or dialogue with some random you meet on the internet.

Misunderstandings are inevitable. The same communication can also be the thing that destroys relationships. It is even easier to misenterpret what someone is saying

When talking with people online it is important to ensure that you communicate in a way that isn’t going to result in walls going up. Putting people in a defensive position is never conducive to a decent dialogue. Without the benefit of being in person and being able to understand the mode of someones speech, and take the cues from their tone of voice it is even more imperative we reduce ambiguity and use correct terminology.

If you were talking about a sports team you wouldn’t call the Red Sox the Red Jumpers and expect someone to know what you meant right? In fact if someone is passionate about the Red Sox, getting their name wrong might annoy them.

The same can be said for both religious and scientific terminology.

The Conflated and Misunderstood Terms series started with EVOLUTION.

It just so happened that Lord Cropes had a selection of memes that fitted the article.


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Darwin Said

Common Creationist Misconceptions – Darwin

Darwin, born in Shrewsbury, England, on February 12, 1809. In 1831, he embarked on a five-year survey voyage around the world on the HMS Beagle.
His studies of specimens around the globe led him to formulate his theory of evolution and his views on the process of natural selection.

What did Darwin Do?

Darwin put forward one of the founding theories for Evolution. Our understanding of evolution has grown and as such the overall theory has evolved itself.

Evolution happens, the theory is what explains it. Creationists often like to quote (or should I say misquote and misrepresent) Darwin. There is some absurd belief that Darwin is some sort of prophet to Atheists/”Evolutionists“. I’ve had them quote/misquote other folks in the atheist community such as Dawkins, Hawking and Harris as if they are the definitive of what atheism is.

What is Atheism?

Atheism is literally a lack of belief, or disbelief that God exists. It is not a choice, it is the logical conclusion to unsupported claims of any god’s existence. There are no tenants, no dogma, no “way of life”. All atheists are different, with varying levels of intelligence, knowledge, morality, and so on. We (at least most of the ones I’ve met/spoken to) don’t automatically accept what Dawkins says like a Catholic might the pope or a Creationist might Ken Ham. Atheists don’t have leaders that we follow without question. Research is examined, which is usually peer reviewed by other great minds, and draw conclusions from it. That may be a sweeping statement about both sides. I am sure there are Catholics that disagree with the pope or creationists that disagree with Ken Ham, although I have yet to meet them.

Science is ever changing as we learn more. If Darwin had had the technology and backing scientists have today, perhaps he would have developed his theory further. Never the less, he provided us with some keen insight into evolution and it is a shame that his work is being misrepresented and his life being misquoted in an attempt to debunk evolution.

Below is a selection of meme’s created by Lord Cropes to provide fast rebuttal on these Darwinian misquotes.

Interested in More?

To hear more about Darwin, and the evolution of evolution, check this article by AlanThe Evolution Of Evolution: From Darwin To Modern Synthesis.

You might also hear a creationist try and say things like “that’s not evolution that’s adaption” – which is an argument from ignorance. Adaption IS part of Evolution. Tonnes of small changes over time till speciation occurs. These are commonly referred to as Macro and Micro Evolution.

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Dinosaur soft tissue

Common Creationist Misconceptions – Dinosaurs, Birds and Fossils

Many years before humans grazed this earth the dinosaurs roamed the wild, king of the lands. A “Young Earth Creationist” or YEC will argue that dinosaurs were around with humans circa 6000 years ago. An “Old Earth Creationist” or OEC will be open to dinosaurs being around millions of years ago, but will likely state all creatures were created as is. That is to say, there is no evolution on a Macro scale.

The fossil record supports an old earth. Various dating methods support an old universe and old earth. DNA evidence supports Evolution. The idea is rejected because the creationist/fundamentalist feels it contradicts their belief and enters the wheel of circular logic.

Whilst we have some great articles that deal with these misconceptions, theists will likely not read them. They are far too locked in their wall of confirmation bias. Thankfully the awesome Lord Cropes has provided us, and indeed you, a beautiful gallery of images for fast rebuttal to common statements we hear.

As with the previous Cropes CCM gallery, feel free to download and use these in debates. Make sure you give him a shout out on twitter too and let him know you like his work!

Please note, the last two images are not Cropes memes. The dinosaur one is from a creationist website, and the skulls is an example of transitional fossils.

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CCM Header Monkeys & Apes

Common Creationist Misconceptions – Apes and Monkeys

Apes, monkeys, primates. Our distant family. Our ancestors. Human DNA proves our common ancestry with modern apes and monkeys, yet creationists refuse to admit the link. Below are some memes created by Lord Cropes to answer their common questions and misconceptions. He’s definitely worth of follow on twitter if you are not already following him too.

These memes are completely free to use. You can either link to them on our site or download them for use in your own repertoire.

Apes, Monkeys, and Humans Today!

  • Humans, apes, chimps and gorillas you see in the world today are all modern species of primate that followed different evolutionary paths.
  • We share a common ancestor with the aforementioned primates (now extinct). The great apes evolved from apes which evolved from earlier apes which are thought to have evolved from monkeys in the Miocene epoch.
    Did we evolve from the monkeys we see today? No.
    Did we evolve directly from monkeys? No, through a series of earlier species in the homo genus, up through a series of apes which evolved from a species classed as a monkey.
    We have a common primate ancestor with the monkeys you see today.
  • Monkeys and apes took separate paths millions of years ago and continued to evolve separately.
  • We essentially ARE monkeys, whilst we are in the great ape family was are part of the infraorder simiiformes.
    The simians are the monkeys, cladistically including the apes: the New World monkeys or platyrrhines, and the catarrhine clade consisting of the Old World monkeys and apes.
  • Entire species do not evolve into new species; new species tend to evolve as isolated offshoots of existing (parent) species.
  • In some cases, newly evolved species can end up out-competing their parent (or sibling) species, driving them to extinction, but by no means in all cases.
  • Some people take offence to being thought of as monkeys, but where is the logic in that?

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Hope you have enjoyed the memes, there will be many more as we have the full Cropes archive at our disposal!

chemicals in blood more than vaccinations

Vaccination Memes Volume 1

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Vaccination Memes Vol 1.

Following on from my vaccination articles I felt it would be good to start a selection of memes I have used in my articles and have seen around the web. None of the memes seen in this article have been created by AIR. Most have infact come from: