Sorry, I’ll Pray for you

Inaction is dangerous

I mentioned earlier in the article that Inaction can be dangerous.

If it wasn’t obvious to you that not taking action could pose some dangers I thought I would post some real stories where people took no action.

But the examples are not limited to faith healing. Consider the depressed person that you couldn’t take 5 minutes to talk to. A depressed person that feels completely alone has nothing to tether them to this world and may decide to extinguish their life.

To save you reading any more links I’ll assume you have got the idea that inaction can be dangerous/hurtful and that there are many other avenues it can also be applied to.

Helping people costs nothing

Helping people usually costs nothing, except perhaps your time. It could take as little time as a few seconds. Is that little bit of time on your part really worth more than someone’s happiness?

Rather than pray for your friend to get well, why not help them with their shopping?

Instead of praying your friends move goes well, why not help them move?

Instead of watching someone struggle and praying for them, why not offer assistance?

Instead of praying your friends new business goes well, why not give them a “like” and a “share” on social networks?

Instead of saying you’re sorry for cheating.. again.. why not change your behaviour?

Instead of saying sorry when you let someone down without communication, why not make the effort to stop letting them down in the future, and at the very least, be aware of your flakeyness work on improving your communication.


Are most people really so selfish that “Sorry” and “I’ll pray for you” are the best they can offer?

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