A Meaningless Existence?

Meaningless Existence

Without religion, is life meaningless?

As someone who believes that the universe was not created by God, I do not believe in the idea of ‘special creation’. I believe that the universe and life exists simply because conditions happened to be right for them to exist. This means that I do not believe that there is a special ‘purpose’ or ‘meaning’ to the existence of the universe or life inside of it. It simply is.

Due to this belief I am often accused by various followers of various religions of having a ‘bleak’ or ‘depressing’ outlook on life and existence. There are many different reasons for this of course, including the idea that I think that everything is ultimately meaningless. I believe that eventually everything will be destroyed and nothing will ever know that what is happening now ever came to pass.

However, just because I think everything is ultimately meaningless this does not mean that I don’t believe that the moment we exist in is meaningless. In fact I believe that the moment that we exist in, and the moment anyone in the future exists in, is full of meaning. I believe that it makes everything that we are and do incredibly special and full of meaning. I find the idea of ‘special creation’ by God to be the bleak and depressing idea.

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About Dave Rowlands

As my username suggests, my name is Dave. I am a life long atheist, having never been convinced by the arguments for God, or the arguments for various religions. I do enjoy a good discussion about the concept of God with someone capable of more than simply preaching, though find discussion with presuppositionalists to be somewhat tedious due to the way presuppers behave. I study Philosophy and Psychology, though my heart lies more in Philosophy than it does Psychology. It is due to being a fan of Philosophy that I enjoy discussions about the God concept. I am a big fan of the Socratic Method when it comes to discussion, and feel that more atheists should be adopting this method when in discussion with believers. Though I spend much of my time studying I also enjoy writing my thoughts, reading various philosophers, and discussing various topics in the Debate Faith group that can be found on Facebook of which I am an admin of. Feel free to ask me any questions, I will usually respond to those who can hold a conversation! For those that have taken the time to read my work, I thank you, and am very grateful that you have given me a slice of your time.

One Response to A Meaningless Existence?

  1. Colin Denman says:

    What this helps to reveal is that all value in the universe comes from feelings. Without feelings there is no value that can be assigned to anything.

    Also any meaning must be felt internally- what good is a dictated meaning if you don’t agree with it. Deferring a source of meaning to another subjective being (even a god), is merely a case of deferring to authority and special pleading. It is the equivalent of claiming a slave master gives us value.

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